Our Product, the PrePaid Realty Package

Members receive the PrePaid Realty Package ($99): You receive $500 the first time you close a transaction using your PrePaid Realtor once you are a Contributor. Plus, the following:

  • Comparative Market Analysis. (Know your home's exact value, Realtor Advisor)
  • Insurance to Valuation Questionnaire. (Protect your #1 asset)
  • Means to access equity. (Personal Appraiser and Mortgage Broker Advisor)
  • Loan to Valuation Questionnaire. (Discontinue Mortgage Insurance)
  • Services Discounted. (20% on Realty Commissions, 20% on Mortgage Broker and Appraiser fees)

Monthly Package ($19.95) You receive $100 the first time you use a PrePaid Vendor once you are a Contributor. Plus, the following:

  • Annual Report. (PrePaid Realty Package items will be revisited by your Advisors plus ongoing 20% commission and fee discounts on multiple properties for life)
  • Frequent Newsletter. (Latest pertinent information: market conditions, legislative actions, etc.)
  • Vendor Discounts. (20% on vendor services)
  • Vendor's Platform. (Vendors receive new customers)
  • Realty Advisor Client Base. (Realty Advisor's receive new clients now and they capture future market share)
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Vendor Network

Do you have a Product, Service or Own a Small Business?

Use the R Solution Network to increase your client and customer base. Simply offer the R Solution Network a 20% Discount of the cost you control. Why pay expensive advertising and marketing to promote your business?

R Pledge

Is an arrang ement between a Member and their Realty Adviser.

As a Realty Adviser you capture future market share. Realty Advisers consist of Realtors, Appraisers, and Mortgage Brokers.

As a Member, why pay a fee for just a transaction? When you could be benefiting from years of service for 20% less.

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More Benefits

Build your R Solution business by promoting our Membership to Vendors and Realty Advisers. Everybody wants more business but most either do not know how to market themselves or they don’t want to pay for huge advertising campaigns.

Earn $200 for each PrePaid Realty Package you sell. We subsidize your income up to $3,000 per month while you are creating Residual Income. (See Compensation Plan).

Imagine your R Solution Realty Advisers providing you with an annual report including an updated Comparative Market Analysis, means to access equity, Insurance to Valuation Questionnaire to protect your asset, Loan to Valuation for discontinuing Private Mortgage Insurance, and the Latest pertinent information about Market Conditions and Legislative Actions.

We all have a Dream, Teamwork makes the Dream Work!

R Solution is Your Solution... ​Residual Income and Free Time!