The opportunity to create wealth

If you had one million dollars earning a 6% return you would receive $5,000 per month. If you sponsor 3 people in 2 weeks and everybody duplicates that effort, in 16 weeks your residual monthly income will be over $10,000! You are well on your way to being a Multimillionaire. As you can see the KEY is Duplication.

Enjoy a 20% Discount from your Personal Realty Advisers

This includes your Realtor, Appraiser, and Mortgage Broker. Have a question about your home, the market to buy, or where to get the best Loan….Simply call one of your Realty Advisers.

Enjoy a 20% Discount from our Vendors

Would you like a vetted Professional Vendor giving you a 20% Discount….Simply Login and call a trusted Member.

Help Your Nonprofit

When you Join you may choose from one of the listed Nonprofits or write in your own. R Solution matches up to 3% of your income and donates it to your Nonprofit.

Tool to Build Your Business

When you Join you may choose a Realtor, Appraiser, or Mortgage Broker…..If you choose not to, we will provide one for you. Or you can check the box, “I need 30 days” and you can call a Realtor, Appraiser, or Mortgage Broker and refer them to R Solution. What a great marketing tool to build your R Solution business! If you don’t find one within 30 days we will provide one for you.

Annual Report

If you own a home your Realtor will provide you with an Annual Report. Which includes: CMA (Comparative Market Analysis); Insurance to Valuation Questionnaire; Means to access equity in property; Loan to Valuation (Discontinue Private Mortgage Insurance); and Latest pertinent information about market conditions, legislative actions, etc.

Network Marketing - Old Concept vs. New Concept

Old Concept - Use your network to sell someone else’s products. New Concept - Use your Network to promote your business, product or service.