Capture Future Market Share

Let's say you sponsor three people in two weeks and then those three each sponsor three in two weeks and so on for 12 weeks. You will have 3,000 people in your group. Approximately 20% of those will be in your Market, that is 600 people. Approximately 60% of Members do not select a Mortgage Broker, 60% of 600 is 360 people. You are the Host Mortgage Broker! You just received 360 New Clients! And this is just the beginning.

Referral Fees

Licensing laws vary from State to State for Mortgage Brokers. In general if a Mortgage Broker from another state refers you a new client you happily give that Mortgage Broker 1 Point or a 20% Referral Fee after you place the loan. All we ask is that you offer the same 20% discount of the fee you control to new clients you receive from R Solution.

Marketing and Advertising

How much to you spend currently on marketing or advertising? Maybe you are not sure of the best way to market yourself. Your one time investment of $99 and $19.95 per month in R Solution will be the best move you ever make for your business.

Building Trust

When R Solution gives you a new client we ask that you reach out to them and make contact. If you provide your clients with a Newsletter, add your R Solution Clients to the roster.